The motivating urge to stepping out of one’s comfort zone

As a kid, our parents fed us more than three times a day, they bought clothes for us, they sent us to school, gave us some pocket money, fought those who bullied us at school or neighbourhood and a lot of parental care – We were said to being in our parental comfort zone because we worry less.

Now we start to talk about the comfort zone

Now, we have passed being teenagers to young adults possibly college/university graduates Probably for some young adults, their parents still take care of them.

Well! It is a good thing living in the same house with one’s parents but it is a bad practice.

There is a certain time a young adult has to make some move on his own. He is not saying goodbye to his parents. It is for some moment of break and breathing space for one’s parents.

Most times, it is hard for one’s parent to say some words that might be misconstrued by their kids. To avoid that, they stay silent hoping that he/she starts being responsible.

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone

Saying goodbye to one’s comfort zone means leaving behind old cultured mindset, lifestyles that are not necessarily important to one’s next step, some childhood friends and almost everything that makes one not thinking straight to being successful.

If you have been living with your parents or relation and at the same time they feed you, take you for a picnic, possibly buy Summer & Christmas clothes for you, that is really a dummy lifestyle.

It becomes difficult to think broad to being you. Or only thing your friends talk about is a party, boys girls and nothing positive to one’s dream – that’s also lame.

It really looks scary stepping out of one’s comfort zone because there are lots of challenges to face. It becomes a battle – no one will help you fight your own battle; it is just you!

It is now left for one to think straight for solutions. The best gift for an entrepreneurial mind is leaving them to decide their fate when faced with problems.

One afraid to step out of one’s comfort zone

One of our contributors shared an experience with a young graduate. He met a young man who just finished his one-year national service, NYSC for Nigerian educational system for almost 7 months. He tried to find out the young man’s intention.

“What is your proposition before the next year?” – That was his question. The young man replied that he would be a very successful man. But one thing that baffles us was his actual preparation for this milestone.

Apparently, he has not gotten a job, still stays under the same roof with his parent and obviously taking advantage of the parental comfort zone.

In his response to another question of whether he intends to leave his parents into a new environment and possibly try something different, he said “How do you want me to leave my parents house to rent somewhere else?

It doesn’t make sense to me. They are my parents, I can stay with them as long as I want – I am their last kid, not a daughter that will probably marry”

That still sounds good if we are to say. From Chuks gathering, the young man studies computer science, he has knowledge about computer networks which he disclosed but one thing is still missing.

According to him “I don’t have a business mindset. I find it difficult to think of any business to do. I have been discouraged by a friend who used to own a taxi. I just want to find a good job that will pay me well.

From the experience above, it is clear that the young man lacks the exposure and the habit to decide what is best for himself. Look at it, he knows computer networks but has no idea on how to turn in into a paying passion.

It is either he is yet to step out of his comfort zone or he has not found a reason to tinker hard.

Now comes to the┬ámotivating urge to step out of one’s comfort zone

Assuming our brother happened to be a first child of his parent with not less than 4 siblings, nobody to contribute in their family affair, the landlord keeps bothering on their rented apartment, then there come the reasons to find a solution to these.

Nobody has to tell you that one has to step into a totally different environment to deal with these expectations

And that’s one of the urges to saying goodbye to good and challenging old lifestyles

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