Social Media vs Social Media Marketing

The last decade marked the sprout of today’s popular social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and of course Snapchat.

I could remember the craze on Facebook about sending many friend requests as possible in order to hit 5000 Facebook friends.

Some people would be disappointed over their low post likes despite having more than 3000 friends

I remember using Facebook auto-post liker in order to increase my post like from 20 to 400 likes within 2 hours. It was indeed crazy.

Instagram and Twitter users have their own drama too. The quest to get more following where one follows the others then comes back to unfollow them again.

There is even an extent of bot-generated followers because they all want to stand out and be seen as popular or even be called social media influencer.

But one thing is sure about social media maneuvering over getting more followers. Even when one inorganically gets 10K followers or more, engagement rates will be very poor.

Organic social media account means gaining followers in a natural way – following others, liking and commenting on their posts, creating viral posts and strategic use of hashtags to reach more people to see your posts.

Social media engagement includes actions such as likes, comments, shares, reposts, retweets. All these happen once your contents reflect on your followers.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Just like I have told some stories on social media above then more is expected when marketing is involved.

Marketing simply means either promoting or selling products or services.

Now, social media marketing means using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc to either promote or sell your products or services.

You would start thinking that you already practice social media marketing when you post those images on your WhatsApp stories, Instagram or Facebook timeline.

But it is disappointing to say that posting on your personal social media account really isn’t social media marketing.

Then WTF is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a measured marketing activity on social media platforms. Measured marketing activities in the sense that there must be analytics and tools to track the progress, failures, success and engagement of your marketing campaigns on each platform.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and even WhatsApp have analytical tools to measure one’s campaigns.

But for one to have access to these advanced marketing tools on these platforms, one must have a business account.

So, posting on your personal Facebook timeline, Instagram personal account or WhatsApp stories is not formally advanced social media marketing.

WhatsApp launched its WhatsApp Business in 2018.

whatsapp business label

The difference between normal WhatsApp and its Business version is not only on the extended features found in the business app but the measurable labels.

Despite WhatsApp having its best functionality on customer support. The label feature now tracks how a conversation between a customer and the customer representative is tailored.

There is even an option to create a custom label depending on what services you provide. The ease to mass identify customers or clients then send broadcast using labels. That’s an average tracking system.

Starting your own Social Media Marketing Campaigns

There are a few important things to consider when starting your social media marketing campaigns;

  • Your expertise,
  • Your offer,
  • Your market,
  • Your objective and
  • Your budget.

I will summarize these factors below.

Running a social media marketing is totally different from the conventional day to day personal social media activities.

It is true that one can make all the noise on whatever platform they use, gather all the likes, shares, retweets and probably gain customers but the results cannot be measured.

You probably cannot follow up with your friends, friends of friends that could not buy from you at that very instant. That is why tracking our social media activities for businesses counts.

For one to start, one should at least know how these social media marketing tools work. One should have good knowledge of running, tracking and measuring advertising campaigns.

Yes, you might have come across that Boost or Promote button either on Facebook or Instagram. You might have tried boosting or promoting your posts once, twice or even more.

How did it go?

They probably charged you getting plenty of likes. It is normal.

If you have no knowledge on how to run a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat advert, you should learn the basics on YouTube. Get to know how it works, creating a business account, ad accounts and finding objectives ti best suit your campaign.

As people are spread out on various social media platforms, this calls for defining your offer is likely going to be useful.

Your offer is simply what you are selling. Facebook as a wide market is more likely to favour everything.

Then Instagram is more of people who like expressing how they look. It would be more favourable to fashion and accessories.

Snapchat is undeniably a platform for young people with more female users. So, female accessories, makeup would be a perfect offer for it.

Twitter? This platform is more likely in building brand awareness and then communicating your brand’s goal to your following. It is a good place to build stronger brand-customer experience.

Every social media marketing campaign has an objective. Objectives could range from

  • Getting traffic to your website
  • Getting followers
  • Getting people to either like your posts or watch your videos
  • Getting people to join your email list (Lead generation)
  • Getting people to buy your products or services to
  • Getting people to know about your brand.
facebook marketing objective

You must have an objective when conducting any social media advertising. This will help you to define your purpose and the expected advertising business goal.

As your objective is known, you also have to consider your budget. Budget is simply the amount of money one wishes to invest in advertising.

There is no fixed amount for an advertising budget. It could be from ₦500 to any amount your business can handle. The mathematics is, the higher your budget, the more people your advertising will reach out to.

What do I need to start my social media advertising in Nigeria?

First, you need a good social media business page depending on which platform you intend to use.

Secondly, you have to consider either using an expert to run your social media campaigns or not.

If you can’t afford a social media marketing expert whose services would be around ₦200K to ₦400K then you should try to learn how it works either on YouTube, enrolling into a paid class.

Thirdly, decide what channels to use. Channels include either having a website or landing page, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or email marketing sequences.

Before you publish your ad campaign, there is an option for a destination. This tells where do you want to redirect whoever engages on your campaign to.

Fourth, After your campaign is published, you have the role to constantly monitor your ad performance. There is an option to modify or even terminate it when the results are not good.

Tracking the performance starting from the number of people who saw your advert, to those who click on your CTA button, to those who eventually landed on your destination channels, those who did not take action and finally to those who accomplished your advertising objective.

It is a gradual step by step process. You have the options to test a lot of parameters before you come across that winning ad or even a hot selling product.

These are more reasons why you may not consider posting pictures on social media platforms as not perfect marketing activities until it is measurable with defined objectives.

CTA means Call To Action. When it is used as CTA button, it simply means what action your audience will take when your ad is served to their feed.

These CTA are Shop Now, Learn More, Contact us, Sign up, Get Offer buttons.

In my next article, I will delve more into carrying out your first social media marketing campaign. Sign up to my email list in order to be among the first people to receive notification in their email.

I hope you found this article useful. Let me know what you think or your contribution in the comment section.


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