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Mini Importation Cookbook

Everything you need to be a successful mini importer in Africa

Let’s say that you have not imported any product but you’re probably too excited on how to import products from China to your country and make 10X profits as you have read online?

You’re not alone, I had that same thought!

According to a report by Brookings.edu, Africa is one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world. By 2030, the largest consumer markets will include Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, among other African countries.

So if you would ask me “Is mini importation business worth doing?” I would answer you “YES“. As of 2016, Africa has a 1.216 billion population which is the second largest population by continent with Asia being 4.463 billion.

The more the population, the more people consume goods.

Starting a Mini Importation Business in Nigeria is really a lucrative business. It is lucrative because it is smarter than the conventional large-scale importation and retail model of having a shop in crowded markets, stocking larger products and eventually begging customers to buy from you.

What can I do for you?

I will leave a link to download my free Mini Importation Business Plan at the bottom of this page. This book will be very useful for people that want to succeed not only in mini importation but in any business you find yourself in.

As a beginner in mini importation business, I will you help you

  • Understand your purpose into mini importation,
  • Defining your own business strategy – business plan
  • Make the right choices in outsourcing reliable products
  • Verify your supplier’s business location for people who wants to mass import
  • Check the quality of your product’s sample before they are shipped to Nigeria in order to avoid the risk of “what was bought is not what was expected”
  • 24 hours Private Coaching on mini importation and marketing.
  • Interactive like minded Community of mini importers
  • Access to my mini importation video coaching program in an 8GB flash drive (no need to stream online videos). It will be shipped to your home address
  • Assistive Procurement from Alibaba, AliExpress, 1688 and Tmall. I can contact your suppliers, make payment on your behalf and send to your shipping company in China
  • Standard Chinese Yuan conversion rate – no price hike
  • Recommend to you reliable shipping companies that you can get any information without having to beg them to respond to you.

If you have products or links to products on Alibaba or 1688, I can help you order on your behalf. I will pay on your behalf with standard Yuan to Naira conversion which is between ₦52 to ₦54 depending on the current conversion.

When you’re buying less than 15 products from either Alibaba or 1688, I will only charge you ₦2000 with exchange rate between ₦52 to ₦54.

When the quantity is more than 15 items, I will charge you ₦5000. I will recommend that you minimize the number of stores you wish to order your items in order to avoid the risk of losing your items with your shipping company. Two or three different good suppliers is ideal for an organized transaction.

If you wish to check the quality of your items in China before they are shipped to your country for the first time, I will charge you nothing.

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  • Mini Importation Handbook
  • Video Tutorials on USB Flash
  • Interactive Community
  • Low Conversion Rate
  • Mini Importation Business Plan
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  • Mini Importation Handbook
  • Video Tutorials on USB Flash
  • Interactive Community
  • Low Conversion Rate
  • Mini Importation Business Plan
  • Assistive Procurement
  • 1688 Quality Check
  • Premium Community
  • Identify Quality Suppliers
  • Pay on behalf of you
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Ready to start your mini importation business?

If you are still uncertain on how mini importation works, why not schedule a FREE consultation with me on WhatsApp either chats, voice call or even video call. I would be happy to hear from you.