Profitably Make Money on Facebook Group as Business or Agency

I have come across a lot of unanswered questions on how profitable Facebook Group really is.

Although many people are still interested to know how they can make money on Facebook Group when lots of other smart businesses, marketers and Agencies are already making money on their groups.

In this post, I have shared how one can become an authority from four psychology to make money on Facebook group depending on the mindset of a group owner.

Effective approaches to this psychology will help group owners leverage on it to make money.

These three psychology are;

  1. Agency to Clients Direct Relationship
  2. Business to Customer Direct Relationship
  3. Personal Coaching Program

The point to note before proceeding to read further is simple – Making money on a platform like Facebook is not as simple as a lot of people think.

The average watchword from successful group owners is commitment. They took their Facebook group as their business.

Don’t buy groups from anybody no matter the number of active members.

Start from nothing, identify your own psychology about what your group will be all about, what problem you will be solving and to which people.

Profitable Ways to Make Money on Facebook Group

To emphasize the importance of a Facebook group to brands, business; Facebook has integrated the option of Page managers to grow a community from their page.

This is a push that shows the potentials in linking pages to groups.

For businesses, it will serve as an advantage for product creators to interact with their direct customers.

A profitable Facebook group targets people who are actively trying to find solutions to their problems.

Your group must appear to this group of people as their best solution for their unique solution.

Your only job here is to gain intimate knowledge about the situation people face through your experience.

The better you understand your target audience, the better you would be able to meet their needs and effectively grow a community around them.

Agency to Clients Direct Relationship

Agency to Clients Direct Relationship

Agency could be a group of individual or person offering a service. They could be the following;

  1. Advertisers
  2. Content creators,
  3. Copywriters
  4. Social media influencer
  5. Chatbot
  6. Web development agency
  7. Affiliate marketing
  8. Growth hacking
  9. Graphic designers
  10. Online courses and lots of similar categories one can think of.

As an agency, you can make money on Facebook by leveraging on one’s expertise developing a mutual authority.

This authority must be casual. You flow as a person and not as a political body.

If you have already worked with clients, invite them to join your private community and share their experiences with other people in the same field.

A perfect community is conversational. It never dies.

If you used to spend a few minutes on Facebook, then it is time to extend it to hours. It is your business!

You should also learn to be serious with your business. Your community starts to lose focus when you start to give it lesser attention.

Educate your members on the areas that will affect their businesses positively.

Give them quality tips, ask them questions, engage them on live videos, respond whenever you’re mentioned in a comment and most importantly maintain a balance on your role as an admin.

Moderate posts, comments before they become live. Use the file section to upload free materials that are relevant enough to affect their businesses positively.

Your main purpose is to instil trust, relevancy with your expertise. Most people would opt-in for paid offers in the first place.

Nobody is willing enough to dash out money when you have not built the trust and value of what you can offer.

People will be willing to get hold of your paid offers once you have genuinely planted your worth in their minds.

Then, How do I make money from a Facebook group?

Make money on Facebook page

As an Agency, if you have taken enough of your precious business hours to engage with your group members

Build authority over their trust, having understood their feelings and challenges; then you’re not far to make money from Facebook group.

If you are a Facebook Ad expert; you must have understood the challenges of your clients in reaching their expectations.

Their ad sucks; no conversions; no leads; high cost per campaign objective.

Also, if you’re an email funnel ninja, your loyal community complains a lot about bounce rates; poor open rates; poor conversion on whatever they offer and similar challenges.

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It is true that you have long contributed and addressed similar issues but there is always premium attention to premium needs.

Then it is time to make an offer.

Your offer could be as a membership or masterclass; video walk-through; one on one practical guide or documents.

The most effective ways have been through membership with direct problem-solving videos to the exact challenges.

They must address that issue. Your satisfaction is testimonies from members that enrolled. Not everyone will.

If you are not too okay with building membership sites, you can check out Google Classroom.

It is a mobile app that works as a membership site. You can stack your lessons as modules and accessed anytime.

If you are comfortable with the online membership or Google Classroom but don’t know how to go about it, worry less we can help you set them up. Feel free to contact us.

Another medium to get your exclusive video courses online, try YouTube private videos. It is very simple to start with.

Make money on facebook group organize events

You can as well create an event to a city that has the majority of your group members.

Creating a poll will be the best tool to count interests base on close location. Come together, discuss and know each other to deepen the relationship.

Your offer doesn’t mean that it is going to be once. New opportunities keep knocking on your door at any time.

Just learn how to leverage it the right way.

I will publish the next article on Business to Customer Direct Relationship as part of profitable ways to make money on a Facebook group.

Let me know what you think about this article in the comment box below or add your own contribution.

I’m eager to learn from you.

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