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1688 Mini Importation Course

Thank you for trusting in me for your mini importation experience. In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about importing from 1688.com.

Please note places where you don’t understand then call my attention either on WhatsApp – 07082111555 or email – hello[@]chuksamobi.com.


Please if you can do me this favour, don’t share this course to anyone that hasn’t paid to have access to it. It took me a lot of learning and time to bundle this course then gave you the access with a little amount. It is a privilege, please don’t abuse it.

Welcome to 1688.com

Introduction to 1688.com Part 1

Introduction to 1688.com Part 2

1688 Product Image Research

1688 Product Research Part 1

1688 Product Research Part 2

1688 Suppliers Sellers’s Research

How to contact 1688.com suppliers Part 1

How to contact 1688.com suppliers Part 2

How to Place Order on 1688.com

Summarizing Mini Importation