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Hi, I'm Chuks. I have obliged to take you by the hand in your mini importation journey.

There is Something MORE Than Importing From China That I need To Tell You Right Now.

Let's say that you have not imported from China either because you are still not sure how it works or you are still struggling with who to trust.

Or you're still considering which genuine sellers and shipping company to ship your package from China to Nigeria without repeating the same bad stories on shipping companies.

If I didn't guess well, just read along.

You might be curious and excited on how to import products from China at a very cheap rate to your country and then make three to five times on profits.

You're not alone, I was in the same shoe when I was starting mini importation in 2016.

Yes, Mini Importation business is lucrative and SMART.

It is lucrative that you can buy hair loss product at ₦1500 and sell it between ₦15000 to ₦18000 and people will still rush it.

Mini importation is also smart because everything you do starting

  • From buying your products,
  • Paying your suppliers,
  • Shipping to your address and
  • Finally selling to customers is at the comfort of your little home and smartphone.

    Unlike those sachet water sellers or those market sellers, you won't be shouting at the top of your voice or even dragging them by the hands to buy your product. 

What can be so smarter than smart work? Nothing yet.

But there are challenges mini importation beginners face.

One of the worst challenges I have had was paying more on shipping from China to my address than what I actually bought.

Because nobody was there to teach nor mentor me.

Another challenges are

  • The difficulty in registering on 1688.com,
  • Activating Wechat ​
  • How not to buy substandard products 
  • Difficulty in contacting sellers or
  • Even not having Alipay account.

    Fortunately, I have good news for you today.
  • It took me exactly 3 years of trial and error in both paid and self training to completely master how mini importation works of which you are about to discover and be perfect soon.

    If you are interested, I will help you...

First of all, I will give you a 16 page Mini Importation Business Plan that will walk you through from understanding what it takes a business starter to survive, process of importation in Africa.

This realistic step by step simple business plan, where and how to import, how much you need to start mini importation to calculating your importation budget so that you don't make wrong decisions.

Secondly, I'm going to take those step by step blueprint of avoiding the challenges and doubts of importing from China that took me years to discover myself.

Then I will hand them over to you so you wouldn't have to go through the loss of thousands of naira and time like I did.

I could charge you ₦50,000 for it and still wouldn't be over charging.

But you are in luck, I have recorded a 33 HD video series that will take you by the hands from being a novice to someone that will make other people how to make money importing from mini importation.

It took me 3 weeks to record and edit more than 30 direct action taking videos because I wanted the best from it. I almost lost my voice for recording more than 2 hours videos before editing. You should know how it feels.

I want to be a part of your entrepreneurial journey and that is why I will grant you access to my first class mini importation video course for only ₦5000.

Why not ₦10,000?

I just want to work with you in future.

Imagine the benefits! 

  • You will learn to understand your purpose into mini importation
  • You will learn how to create your own business plan. Every business needs a working business plan.
  • It will expose you with the knowledge to make the right choices in outsourcing reliable products
  • Verify your supplier's business location for people who wants to mass import
  • Check the quality of your product's sample before they are shipped to Nigeria in order to avoid the risk of "what was expected is not what was received" of which my partner in China will do for you FREE FREE in your first order.
  • Interactive like minded Community of smart mini importers
  • Access to more than 2 hours Powerful Mini Importation video coaching course including 30 videos on Alibaba, 1688.com, Taobao, AliExpress, Shipping to Nigeria as a professional. 
  • I will help you in your product's purchasing decision from Alibaba, AliExpress, 1688 and Tmall. Whether to buy or not
  • I will help you contact your suppliers, make payment on your behalf and send to your shipping company in China of which will be FREE in your first order. You save from ₦2000 to ₦5000.
  • Standard Chinese Yuan conversion rate - no price hike normally ₦52 to ₦53.
  • Recommend to you reliable shipping companies that you can get any information without having to beg them to respond to you.
  • Hot Selling Products to watch out for in 2020

Permit me to break down the video course for you.

The first video on Alibaba and 1688 introduces what you will learn from each course.

The second and third videos explained using Alibaba and 1688 with illustrations. 

The fourth to seventh video unleashed the product and supplier's research.

This is one of the most important aspect of the course.

This is where you learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

It is very important that you pay very undivided attention while watching 4th videos till the 7th video.

The 8th and 9th videos explained the easiest and smart ways to contact suppliers on Alibaba and 1688.com after you must have done your proper research from the 4th to 7th videos.

Finally, the remaining videos include placing orders on Alibaba and 1688, managing MOQ on Alibaba and summarizing importing from both platforms.

AliExpress and Taobao only have 4 videos.

The first and second videos explained everything from product research, seller's research, evaluating customer's reviews and feedback, placing orders followed by summary.

The last video course, it has 6 videos, from writing a standard shipping mark to comparing shipping companies in China.

With these you will have better knowledge about how shipping from China to Nigeria works.

What Else Can I Do For You?

With my passion to help you avoid the obstacles and the risk of managing your mini importation business, I would oblige to mentor you in this journey.

I am going to hold you by the hand till people will start earning from your wealth of knowledge teaching other people as a mentor.

What are involved in my Mini Importation Mentorship Program?

  • angle-right
    I will be working with you in drafting a business plan for your business. This business plan will work for any business you will do in future.
  • angle-right
    ​I will expose you to inventory secrets that will make you worry less about unsold goods
  • angle-right
    ​I will be helping you with undiluted marketing secrets and strategies that you can focus on to market whatever you import.
  • angle-right
    ​If your only marketing channel is WhatsApp or posting pictures on Instagram, I will expose to you why they suck and how you should reach more people that are willing to buy from you.
  • angle-right
    ​If you wish to establish a brand, I will lead you to best Chinese brands that will give you the best products to sell. Most mini importers don't know about this.
  • angle-right
    Starting from being a starter to a professional on how to import from Alibaba, 1688, Taobao and AliExpress on your own without needing a procurement agent. 
  • angle-right
    Access to My Trusted and Stress-Free Shipping Companies 
  • angle-right
    Access to my Quality Control Agent that will inspect Your Order Before They Are Shipped Down to You
  • angle-right
    Feel free to video call me so that you can demonstrate yourself very well.


My mentoring program is FREE only when you made the sacrifice of being a part of my Mini Importation course.

I have more to offer you...

  • More than 11 videos on mastering importing from Alibaba
  • More than 10 videos on mastering importation from 1688
  • More than 4 videos on everything about AliExpress & Taobao
  • 6 videos on Mini Importation Shipping Guide. This way you can easily start buying for people and make money.

Keep one thing in mind: 

Your product is the solution. At first, don't talk about it in terms of a product. Talk about how you found a solution and about how this same solution can help others too.

Why do all this? Because if you set it up right, you will be the opposite of the slimy, used car salesman stereotype we all despise... you will not be pushing product, you'll be doing everyone a favor.

Normally, if you are to attend separate seminars to learn theses 4 underground inner circle
secrets, it would cost you not less than ₦5000 each without including mentorship.

That would be ₦20,000 naira for the four. For a fleeting moment I thought of breaking this video into four and selling them separately. 

But guess what, I won't be doing that - I have decided to package all these and give it to you at a price of One.

So instead of paying ₦20,000 for these 30 videos on Mini Importation Course Mastering. All you need to do to get your hands on this super packaged video course is to pay a commitment fee of ₦5000 only.

Easter Shoes or Skill That Will Earn You More Shoes in Future?

Powerful Mini Importation Skillset + Mentorship

₦5000 is exactly the price of a pair of shoe or medium size pizza and two 60CL cokes. Shoes worn out and be thrown away. Pizza and 60CL cokes will be buried down the toilet. 


One thing about your shoe is that it's going to wear off and tear. But this Powerful Mini Importation Skillset together with its Mentorship Program will change your life forever within the next 6 months.

Which is a better decision?

Buying a couple of shoes you would have to dump one day, pizza that you would wash down the toilet or investing in a hot selling skill you would benefit for the rest of your life.

That decision is up to you.

Join the Mini Importation Elites Today

When you order for the Mini Importation Course, you will be directed to our course dashboard where you will get access to all our videos and bonus PDFs.

"A gap in skills and Abilities Reveal a Golden Opportunity!”

For buying this mini importation course or enrolling to my mini importation mentorship program or even both, I'm going to give you a box-full of free bonuses worth ₦5000 at no extra expenses.

  • Hot Selling Products to outsource in 2020 (PDF)
  • Tailored Mini Importation Business Plan (PDF)
  • Understanding your budget before deciding to buy a product (PDF)
  • Secrets to Sell to your customers without dragging them by hands (PDF)

This is my little way of saying thank you for doing business with me

As soon I get more orders I can give more attention to, the price of the Mini Importation Video course will be increased from ₦5000 to ₦10000. 

Then my mentorship program alone to ₦15000.

Then when you later decide to buy both, you will pay me ₦25,000.

If you still complain about "no data to watch video courses", I wonder how you will invest money to become a better business person.


If you wish to make a bank Transfer, below are the bank details

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0151268392

Once your payment is complete, send the debit alert to me personally on 07082111555 and I will give you access to your course materials. 

If you wish to ask for more information before purchase,feel very free to contact me, I will be glad to respond.

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