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Path to success is an art of test and experience

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path to success

Habit is a matter of acquirement. You hear people say: “He comes by this or that naturally. “His family has been mentally been derailed by poverty, psychopathy, good for nothing, fat for generations. Indeed, they might be.

But! A man can break off these natural or hereditary cause as long as he is determined in a positive path. No time is naturally late for a man to create an instance of change provided there is a reason for adoption. Colonel Sanders of KFC became successful at 40.

No one is neither exceptionally created to be more successful than the other nor has better working brains than the other. Success comes from the right purpose together with hard works. The brain is dependent on the level of activities and personal configurations. It works the way one programs his/her.

The power of responsibility and soundness comes from aggressive approach yet favourable which is positive determination. One’s brain is not active and running either because it is clouded with procrastination or misleads mindset – failure.

An instance of failure is always a moment of reconsideration, evaluation, second thought towards game changer. It is almost impossible to hit the target in the first round to success. It becomes hard to point out what doesn’t work, why it didn’t work, what works and how it worked. That is why Mr B is more progressive than Mr A.

Path to success is an art of test and experience. Mistakes people do is to only clinch to sweet words – “Join our Webinar to make $1000 in less than 1 week in 2 hours every day”. It is definitely more than possible. People make more than $1,000,000 in less than 1 week. But it doesn’t just happen!

In actual sense of it, one can attain such result in buying those book/eBook or masterclass/webinar. But doing any of these is not a 100% MUST to make it. Their only purpose is to show you the secrets not taking you by the hand to $1000 jackpot. Success is a positive mental mindset.

Unfortunately, more than 60% of who either read get money books/webinar will still abuse as a waste of their bucks and time. The remaining few per cent leverage on the opportunity to awaken their possibilities of expanding the purported goal, $1000/week.

Listening to inspirational messages can only stimulate one’s mindset to make a step. There is always a hunger for break-through during an inspirational talk. It makes someone go crazy for something so amazing. Everything becomes so easier to attain but the moment one fails to push forth this zeal into later procrastination, everything goes back to ground level 0.

The best way to success after empowerment is never to cease your enthusiasm. Don’t let the zeal go down. It is a common challenge to mankind. Write down what you have learnt, take consideration of your weaknesses and reconsider the benefits. Don’t worry much about not being perfect but make sure you are grounded to a reasonable extent.

Shoot the moon even If you miss, you’ll land among the stars – Norman Peale

If you haven’t attempted, you may not have realized the reasons behind the failure. Is it not better to fail and know the reasons for your failure than to procrastinate with nothing to write home about? Failing gives one the open-mindedness to say “OH! If I had done this that way, I would have hit it”. it furnishes us the opportunity to improve!

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