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Profitably Make Money on Facebook Group as Business or Agency

Make Money on Facebook Group as Business or Agency

I have come across a lot of unanswered questions on how profitable Facebook Group really is. Although many people are still interested to know how they can make money on Facebook Group when lots of other smart businesses, marketers and Agencies are already making money on their groups. In this post, I have shared how one can become an authority from four psychology to make money on Facebook group depending on the mindset of a group owner. Effective approaches to this psychology will help group owners leverage on it to make money. These three psychology are; Agency to Clients Direct...

The Best Ecommerce Practices as a Small Business Owner in 2020

best ecommerce practices

As of early 2017, the buzz of starting an eCommerce business went up so high which at least showed a sign of improvement on the monopolistic role played by the few eCommerce giants. But were they also following the best eCommerce practices that have kept the game changers for decades? Facebook News Feed was full of ads to these micro eCommerce stores. Sometimes I would take lots of screenshots, do some sort of window shopping on their product pages, read product descriptions, how images are displayed and most importantly the storefront’s user experience on designs and typography. But before the...