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The motivating urge to stepping out of one’s comfort zone

comfort zone

As a kid, our parents fed us more than three times a day, they bought clothes for us, they sent us to school, gave us some pocket money, fought those who bullied us at school or neighbourhood and a lot of parental care – We were said to being in our parental comfort zone because we worry less. Now we start to talk about the comfort zone Now, we have passed being teenagers to young adults possibly college/university graduates Probably for some young adults, their parents still take care of them. Well! It is a good thing living in the...

Path to success is an art of test and experience

path to success

Habit is a matter of acquirement. You hear people say: “He comes by this or that naturally. “His family has been mentally been derailed by poverty, psychopathy, good for nothing, fat for generations. Indeed, they might be. But! A man can break off these natural or hereditary cause as long as he is determined in a positive path. No time is naturally late for a man to create an instance of change provided there is a reason for adoption. Colonel Sanders of KFC became successful at 40. No one is neither exceptionally created to be more successful than the other...

Understanding the factors of Starting Ecommerce Business for Small Businesses

best ecommerce practice

Starting Ecommerce business gives you the flexibility of a lifestyle full of passions, hassle free work-flow, spend less and earn more algorithm, adventurous with understanding what customer needs as long as you follow the right approach. Nothing is basically simple. It takes a little strength to carefully eat a burger even when someone bought it for you. That’s a typical example of setting up an Ecommerce store. But in a honest view of it, setting up an ecommerce store is simple. The challenges now fall on building it. A lot of people have won in their journeys as ecommerce store...

Building a Business Portfolio from Personal Facebook Profile

Business Portfolio from Personal

Facebook allows us to connect with people around us and at the same time develop an influence from the way we connect with people. It is a multi dimensional social network that has strive and still striving to capture every angle of lifestyle into its platform alone. Isn’t that way too much for a social network? Absolutely we don’t care as long as it keeps revolutionizing the way we used to think about social media in a more positive way. Everyone on Facebook is either a business owner, an employee or lets catch some fun individual. So, how have you...