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Building a Business Portfolio from Personal Facebook Profile

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Business Portfolio from Personal

Facebook allows us to connect with people around us and at the same time develop an influence from the way we connect with people. It is a multi dimensional social network that has strive and still striving to capture every angle of lifestyle into its platform alone.

Isn’t that way too much for a social network? Absolutely we don’t care as long as it keeps revolutionizing the way we used to think about social media in a more positive way.

Everyone on Facebook is either a business owner, an employee or lets catch some fun individual. So, how have you been doing with your personal Facebook profile as a business owner?

I’m going to be strictly on business owners. Over the years, business owners, employers have devised a criteria in their choice of accessing people that work for them. You can check our article on re-branding your Facebook profile as a resume for employers.

The better and more productive  profile looks, the greater the chance of been a full staff. The more tattered your profile and timeline looks, the more employers bounce off your profile. Learn how to improve it from this article

As a business owner, how do I build my portfolio on Facebook?



Facebook has a friend list limit of about 5000 friends and unlimited followers. This means as a normal Facebook user, you can have more than 100,000 Facebook users attached to your profile.

In addition to that, a profile gets an average 10 daily hits for people that engages less or less active on Facebook. Although, this statistics is not verified but you’re in upper hand to confirm by the number of friend requests you get any day you are most active.

Now, here is how the portfolio thing works

Facebook has lots of features to customize one’s profile. They include cover photo, profile photo, profile video, daily stories, bio, work, links and websites, featured album, featured photos and few others things that makes profile stand out.

The first thing as a business owner is to identify your brand or area of specialization to your friends who haven’t got that idea about you.

You could stat from getting a sweet cover photo related to your business. Not your own photo or your kid. If you find it complicated to getting a good graphic works for your business, you either pay for the service to a graphic designer or learn to do it yourself.

Designing a good graphic cover is not a big deal. Online tools like Canva is a better choice and free to use. You only need to work on your product ideas.

How do I come up with my product design ideas for my Facebook cover?

build Facebook business portfolio

It is very simple. If you hire a graphic designer, give him/her the picture of your business and the taste of what you need. Then they do they job for you at most $10 bucks.

Then, if you are a techie and prefer to do it yourself – Canva is a good platform to design it. The next concern now becomes the design idea. We will discuss it now.

Lets assume that you sell kid stuff and wear. The idea could be formed from a kid together with a wear, toys, walker or play mat. Download a smiling kid from stock websites like pexels.com or pixabay.com. Also download any kid stuff (wear, toys, walker or play mat) from online stores. Make sure that everything is in white background.

Visit canva.com and sign up in few steps. From the design options, choose Facebook Events. You already have a white design template. Forget about other cool features and templates by the left.

Look for the upload button at the bottom left and upload the photos, cute smiling kid playing with his toy, walker or wearing a kid cloth. It all depend on you think it should be. You may add some text, save, download your new cover photo and upload to your account. That settles it. If you have a broader design ideas, play around with it.

What other things are needed to building a business portfolio?

Open your Facebook profile page, get a photo of you and set it as your profile picture. You have to look very smart and dress addressable. A good looking profile photo has a good impression to your profile visitors. If you want to edit it, go ahead and make it real. A profile video is another good choice too.

Bio! It is another important thing about Facebook profile. A simple template for kids and wears is telling your friends and profile visitor about you and your business. It could be this way “A mom, passionate business woman. I own kiddies wears and accessories for quality wears from age 2 months to 12 years”.

The last but not the least is creating a featured album and photos. Album could be used as a collection. For example you can create a collection for your most selling products. For our case now, it could be Baby Girls Clothing, Boys Clothing, Baby Care, Gear, Toilet training etc.

You can start uploading photos without creating an album. The purpose of an album is to identify which category a particular photo falls into. The most recent photos will be featured on your profile. You can as well identify specific photos to be featured by selecting feature on profile after image upload on album.

How do I drive people to come view my profile?

As I mentioned above that Facebook has a friend list limit of about 5000 friends and unlimited followers. Outside your friends, Facebook randomly shows your profile to friends of friends. This means that other people get to see or view your profile.

Other more targeted ways are;

  1. Contributing in a local Facebook groups especially for offline retail shops.There are lots of local communities on Facebook. Lets say that your kid fashion retail shop is in Spring Green, Wis, Find groups that are located in Wisconsin and join them.Are you worried about the notifications? You have to be patient about it. Don’t just join groups and never show back. Nobody is going to know about you and your business.

    Try to be active in contributing to the community. Facebook group has change the way people connect and build relationships than normal profile and friends.

    In the art of contributing on the groups, get controversial constructively and be able to provide better claim to your stand. This brings attention to who they heck is this person? They quickly get to your profile.

    Groups to watch are cause, relationship, personal development, local business listings.

  2. Contribute on local and niche related pages. Utilize the same techniques mentioned above. Tell page fans about yourself if there’s need for that depending on the contents of the page posts.
  3. Tell your best friends to share your best posts. Let other people get to know you through your contents.

I hope you found this article helpful. Comment below and help us share to appreciate.

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