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Chuks Amobi Digital Agency

What is remarkably different about me?

The summary of my services is simply from a passionate drive to help people overcome challenges in business and personal development.

You give me a task, we come up with the best solution

There is a chance that you landed on my website either through Google, Facebook, Instagram.

That’s one of the more practical ways I help businesses connect with customers online.

I have worked in an IT firm as a web designer. Relationship between the firm and clients was not fairly mutual.

I would like to rewrite the experience starting with you.

Why me?

Web design, Chatbot development, Ecommerce store design, Mini Importation Expert, After Sale Customer experience expert, On-page SEO, Content development, Facebook & Instagram Advertising.

It depends on what criteria but having a website for your business is necessary. A website is synonymous to a physical office. Prospects and customers get to know what you offer whenever they come across your website. So, it is important.

There are a lot of factors that determine what makes customers to either buy from you or subscribe to your service. It includes

  • What medium to use – Social media, driving traffic to your website, word of mouth etc.
  • What marketing strategies – Paid advertising, sponsored marketing, sms etc
  • What messaging strategy – This include what you told them about your products or services etc
  • Did you make any offer when they buy your products
  • How influenced they were with all your marketing efforts from ignorance to persuasion
  • Was there conviction to buy your product?
  • Follow up when they did not buy at first.

These are paramount to what makes most customers buy your stuff.

The best starting point is from writing quality content that drives traffic with an optimized On-Page SEO. On-Page SEO includes activities like your website speed, Meta tags (keywords, description, Google, Bing, Yamdex & Yahoo verification), Title or header tags (H1 to H6).

These practices will spike your website traffic.

SEO is the foundation to every online business. It creates awareness to people who really need your products or services on search engines.

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