The summary of my services is simply from the passionate drive and the excitement in problem solving.

I have always love to support no matter how little I can.

I launched online, a tech DIY blog –, in 2015 to start helping individual solve their everyday challenges – troubleshooting their computers at home, fixing smartphones and other basic walkthrough on mobile apps.

Interesting, my blog has served more than 2 million individuals seeking assistance online.

No advert nor promotion.

They just came to me through search engines and referrals.

I can proudly say that I know what it takes to serve and be seen online.

COVID-19 has reshaped our ecosystem and how businesses have worked. Weird enough, Businesses that leveraged on technology got a fair lucrative share while most local businesses were hit very bad.

Lockdown worsened the situation for brick and mortar business owners. Even when they stay open, they still face significant challenges, including access to customers.

That’s why it’s so important I need to support small businesses right now. And luckily, there are plenty of ways to do it — whether you’re coffee shop owner, restaurant owner, video game provider, fashion store owner, barber, computer equipment wholesaler, education etc.

There is no limit to where my support can’t reach out to.

Here is how I can help your small business to adapt to the ongoing crisis.

  • Setting up your local business on Google business – Be found easily by nearby customers on search or map.
  • Creating a tailored website for your business to showcase your crafts, services and everything that you do. Each website serving specific demographics.
  • Creating contents in the form of articles, after-sale knowledge-base guide or helpful guides in a way that your customers will have an exclusive information about your business.
  • I will take your business to the demanding hotspots for your potential customers or clients – Social media.
  • If your business is dependent on customer’s physical presence, we can work on integrating online shopping, online virtual appointment, home delivery system and payment tools. You don’t have to worry about lockdown and flaunting covid-19 rules.
  • And a lot similar digital support for the new economy. 

Ready to Power up your business?

Learn how my passion & digitals skills can fuel your small business to skyrocket in few months working together.