Poor Social Media Management Habits

poor social media management

Social media has proven a reflective significance in the way we do business online. Social media is like a virtual community where business owners and customers meet.

Over the years, I have come across few things that I have decided to share in this very article. By the way, they are my personal opinions of how social media can positively influence one’s business.

First, I will outline the areas that most business owners on social media are not doing it then give my personal recommendation on what works better.

What your social media manager is doing wrong

  1. Profile description as “No scam zone”
  2. Disabling “Active Status” on Instagram and WhatsApp (Last seen)
  3. Disabling “Read Receipt” on WhatsApp
  4. Late response time even while active or no reply
  5. Business ownership mention on Instagram
  6. Inconsistent post styles
  7. Product listing without price tag
  8. Sharing business posts with personal photos
  9. Not responding to comments that may put one’s social proof into judgement

Profile description as “No scam zone”

It is true that idea behind the phrase “No scam zone” is to assert a level of trust into your customer’s subconscious.

But the problem is that a lot of people have misused the words “No scam zone”.

The Facebook and Instagram betting guys have manipulated people with the same no scam zone, the Forex and crypto spammers have also victimized some people.

The same thing goes with retailers that either use deceitful product images but send products that are no match to what the customer expects. Most times, your order won’t be fulfilled.

What about the online job PR on Instagram? If you too react, they either block you or change their username or probably do the both.

Using the same phrase in your business is certainly not a good approach to prove to your customers the reason to trust you.

There are other ways to show some social proofs. They include;

  • Posting an explainer video guide of your product with you as the explainer
  • Uploading photos of your customers then taging them. If you have no access to customer’s photo, you could involve yourself, your family and friends to take a picture with your products.
  • Offer pay on delivery if possible
  • Offer warranty or return policy if possible.

Combining any of these tactics are far better than the No scam zone every dick and harry does.

Disabling “Active Status” on Instagram and WhatsApp (Last seen)

Active status shows the last time your business was online. This is applicable on Instagram as active status and WhatsApp as last seen.

This feature is an advantage for you as a business owner or social media manager. It gives someone the condition to either reach out to you with the hope to receive a response as soon as possible.

But in a situation where your active status or last seen is turned off, it leaves your potential customer the only option to look for somewhere else.

I wonder why a business will be hiding their online activity status. It is business for good sake.

Let everyone know when you were online, when you left or when you are online.

In real life, it is just like coming to a shop that is open with products but no one to attend to you as a potential customer.

What else would you do rather than checking the next shop.


If you are using a personal account together as a business account, create another account and let it be for personal matters.

Get a new number, use a WhatsApp Business for your business needs. Turn on your active status or last seen.

Disabling “Read Receipt” on WhatsApp

This is the elder brother to what we just discussed, disabling active status

Turning off WhatsApp read receipt is one of the worst thing to do as a customer support on WhatsApp.

Disabling last seen looks to be safer since customer’s messages get to be read and marked as seen.

Here, your customers are not sure if their messages have been read or they are just being ignored.

What would you do if you happen to be in the same shoe as a customer hoping to get a quick after sale assistance or a quick response to an inquiry.

In real life, it is just like talking to a customer service representative wearing headset or earphone.

You are not sure if they get your message or not. That is most annoying right?

Damn so annoying!


If you are using a personal account together as a business account, create another account and let it be for personal matters.

Get a new number, use WhatsApp Business for your business needs. Turn on your read receipt and stop playing hide and seek.

Late response time or no reply even when active

It feels very bad to feel rejected. Yes I do understand why some social media account managers fail to respond to messages.

How would you feel when a business hasn’t replied to your messages yet they update their statuses and currently still online?

Bad right?

Yes I agree that Some people are time wasters, some ask irrelevant questions and some keep recycling same questions. But one thing is sure about customer representatives.

These people may not have idea about making formal requests , asking questions appropriately – some even use annoying short words.

Well, it depends on your market. Be ready to always welcome anything that comes into your daily activity as a business.

Customer service is all about patience. If you found someone that doesn’t seem to be serious, kindly let it known to them that you have other people in queue to respond to.

Obviously, some would find it unlikely but it does not stop you from being direct to the point. It is hard but we cannot be sure who our messiah is.

Some people even engage in verbal war with their customers. It is really not necessary.

If you intend to employ a virtual assistant as a customer service, always assess communication and comprehension skills. Follow this link on steps to assess customer service skill

Business ownership mention on Instagram

You may not find this cool if you fall on this category. Business ownership mention simply means adding your personal Instagram handle on your Business page description.

Meanwhile, this comes into two dimensions.

If you are a public figure, a celebrity, a model then it is a good thing to mention your personal handle on your business page description. This is done to educate your fans about your brand or business.

But in a situation where you are neither a celebrity nor a public figure, mentioning your personal Instagram handle as part of your business page description is not professional.

There are things that make strangers not to buy from you especially when it comes to some part of the world and religion.

Although it is very okay to mention on your personal page that you own a business page and not otherwise.

Imagine if someone stumbles on your business page on Instagram with the interest of buying a product.

But seeing your name on the description as the CEO or Founder then curiosity may land him or her on your personal page.

In a country like Nigeria, Muslim community where art of mannerism is much considerate; then if your account is where you upload your twerking videos, posts that offends certain religion, gender, political views then people affected are likely to pull off.

What a joke!”

Celebrities have the influence to control their fans but you don’t as a normal person. Why not remove that CEO @sexytephany @hot_trapqueen.

Inconsistent post styles

Post styles include

  • Professional
  • Casual

This simply means how you sound to your audience. It is your business voice and it differs depending on what business you are doing.

If your business is addressable to age 18 – 25, how you sound could be casual or informal.

This is unlike to audience between the age 30 – 65+. Your voice should be different as the age differs.

Also, you don’t necessarily need to be inconsistent in your brand voice so that your audience would not be in awe of “is she the one posting this?” “did they hack his account?”

Product listing without price tag

Not everyone has the strength of screenshotting your post, sliding to DM to ask for the price of your product.

Instagram the feature of direct reply of post to messages but not everyone knows that.

Including the price of your product in your post saves the stress of replying “Check your dm” to generic “How much?” comments.

Forget about competitors or what people may think about your price and post it there.

It does not change anything when you don’t tag the price rather it pushes stress-free potential customers off like me.

I don’t even like stress. Even following private accounts so that I can send them private messages. For what?

Sharing business posts with personal photos

I see this a lot on Facebook and Instagram. It is a good thing to have your pictures on one’s business page.

I do have some of my pictures there too.

But here is the problemā€¦

If you sell clothes, shoes, wristwatch, hairs etc, then it is a good idea to model these stuff. There is no offence there at all.

Posting your selfie, twerking videos, irrelevant personal posts right in your business page is unprofessional. I can’t stand those business owners.

If you are a service provider, then yes you can share personal photos or videos of you depending on what area of service you are providing.

Business is quite precious and we have to treat it as one. We would not want to appear unserious to anyone that comes across our business page.

If you don’t have a personal page, create one, it is free.

Not responding to comments that may put one’s social proof into judgement.

Some people would say “We have settled the issue on DM” while the bad comment is left unmoderated.

If you deal with a derogatory complaint in your dm, try as much as possible to settle it in the comment section.

Ask the complainant to validate that the matter has been treated so that you maintain a positive social proof.

You may take a look at my article, My Poor customer experience

I hope you found this article useful. Leave your feedback and correction in the comment below.

The motivating urge to stepping out of one’s comfort zone

As a kid, our parents fed us more than three times a day, they bought clothes for us, they sent us to school, gave us some pocket money, fought those who bullied us at school or neighbourhood and a lot of parental care – We were said to being in our parental comfort zone because we worry less.

Now we start to talk about the comfort zone

Now, we have passed being teenagers to young adults possibly college/university graduates Probably for some young adults, their parents still take care of them.

Well! It is a good thing living in the same house with one’s parents but it is a bad practice.

There is a certain time a young adult has to make some move on his own. He is not saying goodbye to his parents. It is for some moment of break and breathing space for one’s parents.

Most times, it is hard for one’s parent to say some words that might be misconstrued by their kids. To avoid that, they stay silent hoping that he/she starts being responsible.

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone

Saying goodbye to one’s comfort zone means leaving behind old cultured mindset, lifestyles that are not necessarily important to one’s next step, some childhood friends and almost everything that makes one not thinking straight to being successful.

If you have been living with your parents or relation and at the same time they feed you, take you for a picnic, possibly buy Summer & Christmas clothes for you, that is really a dummy lifestyle.

It becomes difficult to think broad to being you. Or only thing your friends talk about is a party, boys girls and nothing positive to one’s dream – that’s also lame.

It really looks scary stepping out of one’s comfort zone because there are lots of challenges to face. It becomes a battle – no one will help you fight your own battle; it is just you!

It is now left for one to think straight for solutions. The best gift for an entrepreneurial mind is leaving them to decide their fate when faced with problems.

One afraid to step out of one’s comfort zone

One of our contributors shared an experience with a young graduate. He met a young man who just finished his one-year national service, NYSC for Nigerian educational system for almost 7 months. He tried to find out the young man’s intention.

“What is your proposition before the next year?” – That was his question. The young man replied that he would be a very successful man. But one thing that baffles us was his actual preparation for this milestone.

Apparently, he has not gotten a job, still stays under the same roof with his parent and obviously taking advantage of the parental comfort zone.

In his response to another question of whether he intends to leave his parents into a new environment and possibly try something different, he said “How do you want me to leave my parents house to rent somewhere else?

It doesn’t make sense to me. They are my parents, I can stay with them as long as I want – I am their last kid, not a daughter that will probably marry”

That still sounds good if we are to say. From Chuks gathering, the young man studies computer science, he has knowledge about computer networks which he disclosed but one thing is still missing.

According to him “I don’t have a business mindset. I find it difficult to think of any business to do. I have been discouraged by a friend who used to own a taxi. I just want to find a good job that will pay me well.

From the experience above, it is clear that the young man lacks the exposure and the habit to decide what is best for himself. Look at it, he knows computer networks but has no idea on how to turn in into a paying passion.

It is either he is yet to step out of his comfort zone or he has not found a reason to tinker hard.

Now comes to theĀ motivating urge to step out of one’s comfort zone

Assuming our brother happened to be a first child of his parent with not less than 4 siblings, nobody to contribute in their family affair, the landlord keeps bothering on their rented apartment, then there come the reasons to find a solution to these.

Nobody has to tell you that one has to step into a totally different environment to deal with these expectations

And that’s one of the urges to saying goodbye to good and challenging old lifestyles

Profitably Make Money on Facebook Group as Business or Agency

I have come across a lot of unanswered questions on how profitable Facebook Group really is.

Although many people are still interested to know how they can make money on Facebook Group when lots of other smart businesses, marketers and Agencies are already making money on their groups.

In this post, I have shared how one can become an authority from four psychology to make money on Facebook group depending on the mindset of a group owner.

Effective approaches to this psychology will help group owners leverage on it to make money.

These three psychology are;

  1. Agency to Clients Direct Relationship
  2. Business to Customer Direct Relationship
  3. Personal Coaching Program

The point to note before proceeding to read further is simple – Making money on a platform like Facebook is not as simple as a lot of people think.

The average watchword from successful group owners is commitment. They took their Facebook group as their business.

Don’t buy groups from anybody no matter the number of active members.

Start from nothing, identify your own psychology about what your group will be all about, what problem you will be solving and to which people.

Profitable Ways to Make Money on Facebook Group

To emphasize the importance of a Facebook group to brands, business; Facebook has integrated the option of Page managers to grow a community from their page.

This is a push that shows the potentials in linking pages to groups.

For businesses, it will serve as an advantage for product creators to interact with their direct customers.

A profitable Facebook group targets people who are actively trying to find solutions to their problems.

Your group must appear to this group of people as their best solution for their unique solution.

Your only job here is to gain intimate knowledge about the situation people face through your experience.

The better you understand your target audience, the better you would be able to meet their needs and effectively grow a community around them.

Agency to Clients Direct Relationship

Agency to Clients Direct Relationship

Agency could be a group of individual or person offering a service. They could be the following;

  1. Advertisers
  2. Content creators,
  3. Copywriters
  4. Social media influencer
  5. Chatbot
  6. Web development agency
  7. Affiliate marketing
  8. Growth hacking
  9. Graphic designers
  10. Online courses and lots of similar categories one can think of.

As an agency, you can make money on Facebook by leveraging on one’s expertise developing a mutual authority.

This authority must be casual. You flow as a person and not as a political body.

If you have already worked with clients, invite them to join your private community and share their experiences with other people in the same field.

A perfect community is conversational. It never dies.

If you used to spend a few minutes on Facebook, then it is time to extend it to hours. It is your business!

You should also learn to be serious with your business. Your community starts to lose focus when you start to give it lesser attention.

Educate your members on the areas that will affect their businesses positively.

Give them quality tips, ask them questions, engage them on live videos, respond whenever you’re mentioned in a comment and most importantly maintain a balance on your role as an admin.

Moderate posts, comments before they become live. Use the file section to upload free materials that are relevant enough to affect their businesses positively.

Your main purpose is to instil trust, relevancy with your expertise. Most people would opt-in for paid offers in the first place.

Nobody is willing enough to dash out money when you have not built the trust and value of what you can offer.

People will be willing to get hold of your paid offers once you have genuinely planted your worth in their minds.

Then, How do I make money from a Facebook group?

Make money on Facebook page

As an Agency, if you have taken enough of your precious business hours to engage with your group members

Build authority over their trust, having understood their feelings and challenges; then you’re not far to make money from Facebook group.

If you are a Facebook Ad expert; you must have understood the challenges of your clients in reaching their expectations.

Their ad sucks; no conversions; no leads; high cost per campaign objective.

Also, if you’re an email funnel ninja, your loyal community complains a lot about bounce rates; poor open rates; poor conversion on whatever they offer and similar challenges.

Recommended ArticleThe Best Ecommerce Practices as a Small Business Owner in 2020

It is true that you have long contributed and addressed similar issues but there is always premium attention to premium needs.

Then it is time to make an offer.

Your offer could be as a membership or masterclass; video walk-through; one on one practical guide or documents.

The most effective ways have been through membership with direct problem-solving videos to the exact challenges.

They must address that issue. Your satisfaction is testimonies from members that enrolled. Not everyone will.

If you are not too okay with building membership sites, you can check out Google Classroom.

It is a mobile app that works as a membership site. You can stack your lessons as modules and accessed anytime.

If you are comfortable with the online membership or Google Classroom but don’t know how to go about it, worry less we can help you set them up. Feel free to contact us.

Another medium to get your exclusive video courses online, try YouTube private videos. It is very simple to start with.

Make money on facebook group organize events

You can as well create an event to a city that has the majority of your group members.

Creating a poll will be the best tool to count interests base on close location. Come together, discuss and know each other to deepen the relationship.

Your offer doesn’t mean that it is going to be once. New opportunities keep knocking on your door at any time.

Just learn how to leverage it the right way.

I will publish the next article on Business to Customer Direct Relationship as part of profitable ways to make money on a Facebook group.

Let me know what you think about this article in the comment box below or add your own contribution.

I’m eager to learn from you.